Today most of the internet users are spending most of their time in Face book only. This is mainly seen in Youth and Students. Mainly they use this to chat with their friends, Share their information with their friends and many more things. Face book, Giant in Social Media has been improving their standards in their implementation of their Chat feature. One of this is, feature of displaying information whether the opposite person in chat had seen your message by displaying "seen" below your message. This feature has been updated by Face book half an year back.
The "seen" feature in Face book chat is very useful because it lets you to know whether your friend has seen your message or not. This feature helps in finding the status of our message to your friend. But with this feature there raises some issues between two friends in the matter of ignoring one's message.

I mean to say that, if a friend of you sent a message you have seen that message but in a hurry you are not able to reply him/her at that time he/she thinks that you are ignoring him/her by not sending reply to his/her message. At that time you think of necessity of the presence of disabling "seen" feature in Face book. 

For those who think about this option please read below know how to do that. Some people may use to chat via Android device and some people by their PC. For them I give different solutions based on the platform they chat. See below......

Disable "SEEN" Feature in Face book Chat:


Instead of installing Face book messenger in Android devices you Install PRIVY CHAT FOR FACEBOOK, which works as same as the Face book messenger. This App makes users to quickly read the messages by without marking them as read or seen. This helps the users to give an satisfied reply without any hurry to give an instant response to the message. This is the only thing that will save from "seen" feature in Face book chat while doing chat in an Android device.



Google chrome is one of the browsers, which is very famous and mostly used. This Google Chrome is developed by Google. We can disable "Seen" feature in PC while using from Google chrome by installing an Extension named "FACEBOOK UNSEEN". This extension when enabled will make your friends not notified about when you have seen the message.

To install:
  • Go to settings in Google Chrome, and then click on settings option.
  • Then go for extensions in the settings window.
  • There in search bar, type as "Face book Unseen".
  • The extension gets displayed on the screen, then click on the extension and then click on ADD TO CHROME.
  • Then it will be installed in Chrome and make it enable while doing chat in Face book.
This is how we can disable "seen" feature on Face book Chat in Google Chrome of PC. With this extension we can turn on and turn off seen feature whenever you want. 


In Firefox also we can disable "seen" feature on Face book chat with the help of Block Site plus plugin from Mozilla Firefox Add-on. To do this follow procedure below.....
  • Download and Install Block Site Plus plug-in from Firefox Add-on[ To download CLICK HERE].
  • Then in Mozilla start page go to Add-on, there click the Extensions button.
  • Then click the options button in the Block Site Plus Add-on.
  • Then a new window gets opened, in that window check the "add this site" option and paste below given URL in the text box below the "add this site" option.
  • And then select Quick add and Ok buttons to finalize the procedure.
URL:: " "
But the only disadvantage with this option in Mozilla Firefox is you must do the above procedure every time you open your Firefox Browser and before proceeding to chat. 

In the above ways you can disable "seen" feature on Face book chat. If you know any new methods and procedures to disable "seen" feature on face book chat please comment below. And if you have any queries about this topic please comment below. 


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