In  past days making money Online is considered as a secondary source of income. But now the things have changed in a way that people considering Internet as the main source of income. There are many legal and honest ways of earning money online which require the proper utilization of your skills and strategies. But some people are advancing in wrong ways to earn money online and facing many problems whether knowingly or unknowingly. For those kind of people, this article explains about the legitimate ways to earn money online. Choose one that nest suits you.

Some people may say that earning online is fraud and cheating and there is no such ways to earn online. For them below are some of the easy, possible and legal ways to earn online... 

7 Legal Ways to Earn Money Online:


This is one of the most successful and most profitable ways to earn online. Do you believe or not 50% of the top entrepreneurs of 21st century are Internet based business holders. Thins shows the vast scope of websites in making money online.

Example: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Makemytrip, Amazon and many more giants in the list.

I think, you are confused about what may be income source of these websites? For this question answer from me is - advertisements in website, selling products, and making service to their visitors.

Websites help businessmen to provide information about their products and expose them to large extent of society, which helps to increase sales and generate leads.

So, it is best option to start a website which will provide services like E-Commerce and selling products because in near by future almost shopping is done online. Only thing you must concern is your website must be unique, efficient and you must be familiar with any of the programming languages.


YouTube is database of videos which are viewed by many people all over the world. Have you ever noticed advertisements in You Tube while watching videos. For displaying ads in between videos, YouTube is paying amount to owner of that video. This payment is based on the number of views and visitors that particular video gets.

If you are good at making videos whether it may be video songs, dance videos, product reviews, tips-tricks videos, health tips video and any other funny videos. Short films also help you to gain success in this field. If you have your own videos which are unique then upload them in You Tube. Once your video goes viral in You Tube then it is time to apply for an Adsense account.

Once your Adsense account is approved then you can monetize videos uploaded by you in you channel. Then check money meter.


Blogging is nothing but writing blogs. Blog means journal or dairy. If you are capable of writing articles on anything which attracts visitors then you can choose this option to earn money from online. In Blogging it is not necessary to have knowledge about web programming languages and any other coding languages because there is no need to develop any web pages.

In blog you can post about anything about food, technical things, gadgets, job opening information, product reviews, tips-tricks and entertainment based posts. Your post must contain quality content and must be free from hacking and adult content because Google doesn't approve it. If you are a Blogger, then apply for an Adsense account which gives permission to place ads in your blog.

Through blogging you can earn online by placing your own ad slots and through different Adsense alternative methods. Here, is also a blog, through which I am earning. Here income is based on popularity and content of the Blog


I strongly believe that "One good App can change your life".

For example "WhatsApp", which consists of only 55 employees was taken over by social media giant "Facebook" for US $ 19 billion, in February,2014. There are many more examples like Instagram, Pittpatt, Flutter etc.,

There are many platforms on which you can develop Apps  and make those available for users. If your Apps attract users and rated top in that App stire, then you can make them as paid Apps.

You can develop any kind of Apps. Make sure that your App is creatively good and unique. Only obstacle you must cross is that your App must be approved before it is placed in any stores like Android, iPhone and Facebook.


If you are good at writing articles then you can choose this option for making money online. Do you know content is the main factor in SEO. Unique content plays important role in website and Blog ranking.

Unique content leads to increase in traffic and sales to any website. So many websites are willing to buy your unique content and place that in their website. To make your content available to buyers there are many third party sites available on web.

In those websites you can place your articles and sell to websites and blogs. Those people will pay you for that content based upon the quality. There are two types of websites to sell articles. They are websites that sell pre-written articles and websites that sell articles written on order.

Some of the websites to sell articles are:


What is Freelance? Freelance or Freelancer or Freelance worker is a person who is not committed to a particular work and he/she is self-employed. Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online legally.
In order to work as Freelancer, you must have talent and skills to work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry, design etc., it also includes entertainment field like cinema industry and many more fields.
If anyone is registered as a Freelancer then those people are hired via Internet for a specific work and those independent talented professionals are paid. The work to which Freelancers are hired can be done in front of a computer. There are many websites that provide the opportunity for Freelancers. Some of those are...
In these websites one can register as a Freelancer and can get hired as a worker for which you are paid.


  • Buying and Selling Domains - Purchase a good domain with keywords and then sell it with good page rank.
  • Making Templates and Themes - Design very attractive and SEO optimized templates and themes for websites and sell them online.
  • Online Tutions - If you are expert in any sector then you can make tutorials and serve them online and can earn through them.   
  • By Selling Books - I mean you can sell your E-books which are owned you online and can make money.
  • Online Surveys - You can participate in paid online surveys offered by genuine websites and make money online.
  •  You can make money online by clicking Ads and Affiliate marketing.
One thing you must remember is that there is no easy way to earn or make money online. You must work hard to have money in your pockets and you must follow some ethics. So, please check twice while going online to earn money and be careful. This post is just for information purpose. Please study completely before selecting a way to earn money online. Please comment below your queries. I will reply to those queries.


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