Sometimes failure of hard disk is inevitable. In the cases of hard disk failure, entire information and data present in that hard disk is formatted. Sometimes the hard disk is formatted unexpectedly by the user at that time also it causes the loss of data from hard disk. Sometimes due to operating system failures hard disk is automatically formatted. Due to these reasons hard disks are formatted and crashed. Users want to recover their data from the crashed hard disk. For those who want to recover data but don't know how to recover data from crashed hard disks there are many tools to recover data. Let me share some of these with you......

First, when a hard disk is crashed or formatted, then that hard disk must be removed from the current system and further operations on that hard disk must be stopped before removing the hard disk from current system. Then connect the crashed hard disk as a secondary drive to another PC internally or externally if you have USB to IDE/SATA Adapter.

Software's to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Disk:

In this process , the data present in the crashed hard disk is copied to the another drive. This process works only when operating system failure occurs but the chances of recovery are 50-50. If this process fails, don't worry there are many recovery software’s available to recover data from crashed hard disk for different O.S. The O.S. means that on which platform the hard disk previously working.


Windows based operating system is majorly used operating systems all over the world. To recover data and information from hard disk there are mainly four software’s which provide efficient services to the users. They are.....:



Recuva is one of the best file recover software among all the free ware and Premium file recovery software’s. Recuva is developed by Piriform, the developers of C Cleaner. This software is able to recover files that have been permanently deleted and also can recover files that are deleted from  memory cards, Pen drives, ...etc., This Recuva software runs in Microsoft windows operating systems. This Recuva Software works on both FAT and NTFS file systems. While recovery of data from crashed hard disk, it automatically renames the files with same name and both the files are recovered. 

To get this software: 


Hiren's Boot CD is a bootable CD, which consists of software that can solve various problems relating to the system like...: Partitioning of drives, System performance, BIOS tools and Data recovery. Hiren's Boot CD is develop by "HIREN" and "PANKAJ". While working with this CD operating system is not necessary because it is a bootable CD. One can recover data from crashed hard disk at the time of booting. All it must have is that computer is able to run Microsoft Windows or Linux but it does not have to have any of the operating system installed in it.
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PC Inspector File Recovery is one of the best Recovery software. This recovery software supports FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems. PC inspector file recovery provides an easy way to interface and recover data from crashed hard disk. This PC inspector File Recovery software automatically identifies the drives and partitions. This Recovery software recover the files along with the time and date stamp even the header entry is no longer available.

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It is not a freeware but it is very efficient and provides very good recover tools. This GetDataBack software supports both NTFS and FAT file systems. GetDataBack software program is developed by RunTime Software. It requires two different versions for different types of file systems. Good thing is that it provides demo version to know what formats are recovered by this software after seeing that we can buy full version to recover. This is the best software to recover almost all files that were lost due to hard disk crash. This GetDataback software is used for data recovery in both internal and external hard disk.

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It is one of the operating system with efficient functioning that is used by many people all over the world. The tools that are applicable are not supported by Mac O.S. There are software’s that are used data recovery from the crashed hard disk in Mac. There are mainly three software’s for recovery. They are...:


Mini Tool Mac Data Recovery is specially designed tool for Mac OS X hard disk. This Mini Tool Mac Data Recovery Tool can recover data after complete deletion of data and formatting of the hard disk also. Although it is vary easy to use but it provides powerful modules and tools for data recovery from crashed hard disk. This software is applicable for data recovery in USB Flash Drives, iPod, Memory cards, and other Mac computer devices. This software can recover data from damaged drives also.

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Disk Drill is freeware that is available in internet to recover data from the damaged and crashed hard disk. This Disk Drill software is especially designed for the Data Recovery from Crashed hard disk for Mac OS X computers. This software provides very easy user interface to recover different formats of data very efficiently from hard disk, memory cards, iPod, and memory sticks...etc., This Disk Drill software scans deeply into the damaged drives of hard disk and get data back.

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Remo recover for Mac is premier software that is able to recover data and information from the hard disk very fast and efficient. This Remo Recover for Mac supports both Intel and PowerPC MAC hardware platforms. Remo recover for Mac has fast built in "find tool". This software stores the recovered data on the name, size, date and file type criteria. Remo recovery for Mac has an excellent feature of "save recover session", which supports the resuming of recovery at any time. This is available as freeware for only trial version.

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My request to you all is to use these software’s if you have adequate knowledge on them otherwise better go to your nearest data recovery technician or expert. 


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