Messenger, one of the most successful and fast growing products from Facebook with almost 1 billion monthly active users. Facebook is continuous working on things to add new features to Messenger. One among them is integrating Dropbox file sharing in Messenger.

Messenger has included in Group voice call feature to interact with members of group over the internet in its recent update. But this group calling features in limited to 50 people.  Amazing features that are being added by Messenger are aimed to keep people look to Messenger for all the activities not just simply chat in text with friends.

How to make a Group Voice Call in Messenger:

This feature in messenger is very handy and easy to add a participant from the same group while you are already in group call.
  1.   In group Chat, there will be a phone icon the top of screen. Tap that phone icon.
  2.   It will show up a pop-up “Start group call” with list of members in the group. You can select the participants of the voice call from that members.
  3. Then you will be taken to screen where you can see the selected members will have status, contacting or ringing under their name.
  4.  If any participant answered your call in group. Then he will be moved to “In Call” section in same screen and remaining members will be in “Not in Call” section.
  5. If you want to add a new participant in group call. Then Tap that particular participant phone icon in the “not in call” section of same screen.  
That’s it. This way you can enjoy voice conversations with your friends in group over internet.In Messenger group voice call any participant who is in present group call can add a new participant. But there is no option of deleting a person from that group call while you are in on going call. Feel free to express you views about this.



It seems that Facebook is keen on making it's Messenger App as one stop for all your messaging needs and sharing files with out leaving from the Messenger app. Messenger has included Drop Box (one of the cloud storage service) support to Android app and iOS app, by which you can directly share files (PowerPoint, PDF's etc.,), images and videos in your Facebook Messenger conversations. 

Previously, if you want share or send any content which is in Drop Box through Messenger App either first you need to download that content into your device and send the content or create a link to the content you want to share and send it in Messenger. This feature makes file, image and video sharing in Facebook Messenger App hassle free for the user. 


This feature in Messenger app can be accessed only if your device (i.e., Android or iOS) contains Drop Box App. Photos and videos you share will appear instantly in chat, while the files you share will have just link to them.

Procedure to Share and Preview Files, Images and Videos from Drop Box through Messenger App Directly:

In order to share and preview files, follow the below steps:
  1. Hit "More" button in Facebook Messenger conversation where you want to share.
  2. Then look for the "Drop Box" in the list of the apps in Messenger App.
  3. Select the file or image or video that you want to share in that conversation.
  4. It will take you to the confirmation screen with preview which has two options "Send" and "Cancel". Select "Send" option.
  5. That's it. File is successfully shared.
In Future Facebook is going to release update to Messenger App with Video chat heads. If you have any doubts feel free to post comment. We will get back to you, if we are able to answer it.


Now a days Facebook is working on some interesting features, to provide better and quality service to their users. In their Android Facebook Messenger App, Facebook included a feature which will support users to have multiple accounts in Messenger App. Before this update If you want to login with different account in Facebook messenger App for Android you need to logout of the present account and login with the other account. With the help of this update, in a single device you can login to two or more Facebook accounts and easily switch between these accounts easily.

How To Add Multiple Accounts In Facebook Messenger App For Android:

  • In the Facebook Messenger App for Android, on the right side top corner you can find the settings option. Click on settings option.
  • Then you will be navigated to a screen where you can find list of options. In that select "Accounts" option.
  • Next, click on the plus "+" icon which is on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then a pop screen will be displayed asking the user to enter the other account "Email or Phone Number" and "Password".
  • Enter the credentials then select the button "Add".
That's all you need to do to add another account in the Facebook Messenger App for Android. Then you play around with different accounts in the single device.


While entering the other account credentials, you can see a small check box asking the user "Require  a password when switching to this account". You can check that box or not, it is based on your interest.

If you check this box, then each time you are switching to this account Messenger App will ask for Account Password

How to Switch between different accounts in Facebook Messenger App for Android:

This is simple, and similar to the process of adding the other account in the messenger app.
  • Select Settings option on the top right corner and then select the Accounts option.
  • It will display the list of accounts that are in Messenger App. You can select your desired account.
This is good feature from Facebook like Google. In google mail you can switch between accounts easily. That's how you can add and manage different accounts in Facebook App for Android.