Now-a-days privacy on Internet is becoming so though with the increasing number of many malware practices on the net and with the policies of some of the major service providers in the Internet like mail service, social network providers etc.,                                          

There are some E-mail service providers like Gmail who track Emails of users in order to serve targeted ads to the users. If you want to tighten security of your Emails, then there are some best ways and tools available on internet which can send Encrypted Emails.

Methods to send E-mail with Password Protection:


If you are using Firefox web browser then we can add an extension for the browser and encrypt the Email. To Encrypt an Email the steps to be followed are:
  • Add "Encrypted Communications" extension to your Firefox browser.
  • Restart the Firefox web browser.
  • Go to G-mail.
  • Compose your mail.
  • Then right click to see "Encrypt Communication".
  • Enter a password to Encrypt.
  • Click "OK".
  • Your message is then Encrypted and ready to be sent.
The user who is going to receive this Encrypted G-mail must have this "Encrypt communication" to Decrypt received G-mail. In order to Decrypt Right Click on the Email and then select "Decrypt communication" and enter the password which is already used for Encryption of that particular Email. Then it is over.


Go to "ENCIPHER.IT" page and download ENCIPHER IT from that page and install it in your computer. In order to protect your Emails information via ENCIPHER IT.
  • Open "Encipher It" in your system and paste your Email text which is to be sent to others .
  • Then Click on "Encipher It".
  • Enter a "Encryption Password" of your choice.
  • Then copy and paste Encrypted text in "compose mail" text pad and send that encrypted message to required person.
Receiver can Decrypt, received encrypted Email by copying the text of Email and paste it in "Encipher It" text pad and then click on "Decrypt It".

Then enter "Decryption password", which is same password which is used for encryption of that Email. Then click "OK". There appears the Original Decrypted message..


Both sender and receiver must have "ENCIPHER IT" installed in their PC's. This is how Emails are secured by using Encipher It. 

If adding an Extension is too much work for you, then there are services such as "ENLOCKED", which use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).


It comes as a plug-in for almost every browser. It is even available as an App fort both Android and iPhone.

All communication between the user, client, email system and En-locked services is done by SSL connections using HTTPS. In this service to send a secure message there is no need to have separate Log-in, no need to use another Email application and no keys to exchange with recipients. Only you must do is:
  • Sing in to En-locked, and select Send a secure message option.
  • Then compose your Email message and then send to the required recipient by selection "SEND A SECURE MESSAGE".
  • The the message is gets dispatched to that particular recipient as an HTML document.
But recipient can download that HTML document and then upload it to the "En locked" by selecting "READ A SECURE MESSAGE". Then the original message is displayed in the window.


Both sender and recipient must have Accounts in En-locked service. 


Mailvelope is one of the best Encryption Email service tool, which you can use it any where and protect your Emails from others spying on you. I love using Mailvelope because it works on all the three major Email providers which are G-mail, Yahoo mail and also GMX (I don't use this service regularly). Mailvelope is a open -source tool where any one can contribute to it. Mailvelope uses the open PGP encryption to safeguard your Email.

Mailvelope is having a great and simple user interface. Sending Encryption mail using Mailvelope is easy where even people don't have much technical knowledge. And the best feature we love on Mailvelope is no copying of the encrypted text or message from the Email you received into Mailvelope to decrypt the next or message. Mailvelope integrates directly into the user interface of almost all the web mail services. 

There are many more ways to secure Emails. Please check once before you perform. Feel free to express your views and comment below if there are any queries. I will be responding to your queries. 


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