Windows 8.1 has been provided with Start menu. But previous version of windows 8.1, named as Windows 8 is not provided with Start menu. People are very much used to start menu in Windows operating system. So, many of you may wanted to have a start menu in your windows 8. Here are some of the ways to create one for your windows 8. 
Five ways to get Start menu in Windows 8:


With the help of windows task bar, you can create your own start menu and they can display the content of a folder. Without using any software, we can create Start menu here. Procedure is here....
  1. First thing you must check is, hidden files in C drive must be made visible.
  2. Then Right-click on Task bar, select Tool bars and click on New Toolbar...
  3. Go to Windows folder by using path “C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows” and select Start Menu and choose Select Folder.
  4. Then you will see “Start Menu” with all your programs in program folder, next to the Notification Area.


The Classic Shell is free and open source software. This can include the features of windows XP, Windows 2000 and 98 and also this is configurable.

You can download Classic shell installer here:


This policy can be defined as the application store for the windows. The Pokki can also offer us various start menus for Windows 8. This does not copy the content and this can have the different design. As this policy offers various categories of applications as well as settings. One can create your favorite part, where we can place our most useful programs. You can pin and organize your favorite and frequently accessed apps just like your Smartphone.

You can download Windows 8 start menu by Pokki here:


In addition to the Windows 7 start menu, it can also offer us the Windows 8 start menu as such. Here, the Start8 is not free to use as we can use the classic shell. If you want to make the use of Start8 for long term, then you have to pay for it. More accuracy can be experienced in the Start8 when compared to the classic shell. Now the Start8 is very much familiar with the Window 8 as it contains the new start screen inside it. Start8 will boot directly to windows 8 desktop screen. Start8 will provide Windows 7 styled start menu for windows 8.

You can download Start8 here:


If someone who is disappointed by the classic shell and cannot buy start8, then we can make the use of the new start menu called as the IObit Start Menu 8. This is completely free and can perform the all basic functions as compare to the classic shell. Then, one has to right click on the start menu and for our computer use, we find that there is a large number of options which we can make use in Windows 8 and we can hide the other side bars. The IObit start menu 8 offers the option to skip Metro start page. 

You can download IObit start Menu 8 here:

If you have any queries, comment below. I will answer your doubts as soon as possible. Before proceeding with any one of the above ways please know about that completely.          



Now-a-days privacy on Internet is becoming so though with the increasing number of many malware practices on the net and with the policies of some of the major service providers in the Internet like mail service, social network providers etc.,                                          

There are some E-mail service providers like Gmail who track Emails of users in order to serve targeted ads to the users. If you want to tighten security of your Emails, then there are some best ways and tools available on internet which can send Encrypted Emails.

Methods to send E-mail with Password Protection:


If you are using Firefox web browser then we can add an extension for the browser and encrypt the Email. To Encrypt an Email the steps to be followed are:
  • Add "Encrypted Communications" extension to your Firefox browser.
  • Restart the Firefox web browser.
  • Go to G-mail.
  • Compose your mail.
  • Then right click to see "Encrypt Communication".
  • Enter a password to Encrypt.
  • Click "OK".
  • Your message is then Encrypted and ready to be sent.
The user who is going to receive this Encrypted G-mail must have this "Encrypt communication" to Decrypt received G-mail. In order to Decrypt Right Click on the Email and then select "Decrypt communication" and enter the password which is already used for Encryption of that particular Email. Then it is over.


Go to "ENCIPHER.IT" page and download ENCIPHER IT from that page and install it in your computer. In order to protect your Emails information via ENCIPHER IT.
  • Open "Encipher It" in your system and paste your Email text which is to be sent to others .
  • Then Click on "Encipher It".
  • Enter a "Encryption Password" of your choice.
  • Then copy and paste Encrypted text in "compose mail" text pad and send that encrypted message to required person.
Receiver can Decrypt, received encrypted Email by copying the text of Email and paste it in "Encipher It" text pad and then click on "Decrypt It".

Then enter "Decryption password", which is same password which is used for encryption of that Email. Then click "OK". There appears the Original Decrypted message..


Both sender and receiver must have "ENCIPHER IT" installed in their PC's. This is how Emails are secured by using Encipher It. 

If adding an Extension is too much work for you, then there are services such as "ENLOCKED", which use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).


It comes as a plug-in for almost every browser. It is even available as an App fort both Android and iPhone.

All communication between the user, client, email system and En-locked services is done by SSL connections using HTTPS. In this service to send a secure message there is no need to have separate Log-in, no need to use another Email application and no keys to exchange with recipients. Only you must do is:
  • Sing in to En-locked, and select Send a secure message option.
  • Then compose your Email message and then send to the required recipient by selection "SEND A SECURE MESSAGE".
  • The the message is gets dispatched to that particular recipient as an HTML document.
But recipient can download that HTML document and then upload it to the "En locked" by selecting "READ A SECURE MESSAGE". Then the original message is displayed in the window.


Both sender and recipient must have Accounts in En-locked service. 


Mailvelope is one of the best Encryption Email service tool, which you can use it any where and protect your Emails from others spying on you. I love using Mailvelope because it works on all the three major Email providers which are G-mail, Yahoo mail and also GMX (I don't use this service regularly). Mailvelope is a open -source tool where any one can contribute to it. Mailvelope uses the open PGP encryption to safeguard your Email.

Mailvelope is having a great and simple user interface. Sending Encryption mail using Mailvelope is easy where even people don't have much technical knowledge. And the best feature we love on Mailvelope is no copying of the encrypted text or message from the Email you received into Mailvelope to decrypt the next or message. Mailvelope integrates directly into the user interface of almost all the web mail services. 

There are many more ways to secure Emails. Please check once before you perform. Feel free to express your views and comment below if there are any queries. I will be responding to your queries. 


Video playing is one of the areas where Google hasn't done a good part on Android. Its standard player is still giving a lifeless experience. Android's open developer market place allows users to replace the native android video player with a large variety of media applications and also a better definition and view.

Top 7 Video Players for Android:

MX Player:

MX Player is an excellent Android player for general purposes, and it offers great usability and features. It supports all kinds of gestures and pinch-to-zoom. The most important thing is MX Player features software and hardware decoding to be able to support many different file formats. On the main view screen, we have a screen lock, variable aspect ratio and subtitle controls and the rest of the options stay in the settings menu. But this player may need an additional codec pack, but it depends on the devices and app automatically scans our device after installation. It supports ads.

MOBO Player:

MoBoPlayer is a very popular video player app. It can detect the ‘video' on your device and supports folders too, so if you have all your content divided into categories, such as ‘TV Shows’, ‘Documentaries’, ‘Movies’, it will display this as such – though one tap can change the view to include everything on a single screen. One of the main selling points of this video player is that it will support pretty much any file-format, without the need to convert first. It also offers up separate codec download in case you do experience compatibility issues. Additionally, Mobo Player offers great support for subtitles, including SRT, ASS, and SAA, while you can sort all your videos by a number of criteria, including name, size, format, resolution and more. It’s a great player that performs consistently well in terms of playback and video quality, and is easy to boot.

V Player:

V Player an app with solid and consistent video playback, supporting most of the common file-formats out there. When you first launch the app, it detects all the video-containing folders on your handset. It has the ability to copy/paste links from YouTube and Vimeo to let you watch them directly in VPlayer, and save them for later. VPlayer doesn’t let you organize or filter your content all that well, however, and as such may appeal more to power-users rather than those just looking for a nice way to access and view their videos. Indeed, one of VPlayer’s big selling points is its hardware-accelerated decoding and rendering to HD, always remembers where you left-off, should you wish to cease viewing temporarily. It also supports dual core devices, playing 720p and 1080p videos. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the fully unrestricted version of VPlayer is only free for seven days, after which you’ll need to cough up $5 for VPlayer unlocker.

VLC Player:

The official android VLC Player was launched last year, and the developers continue to improve the user experience according to the feedback. To match the powers of its desktop counterpart, VLC for Android devices supports almost any video format file type. Multi-audio and subtitles support paired with aspect ratio adjustment make it quite a powerful player, but bear in mind that Beta status means the app might be unstable and buggy. Nevertheless, VLC is quite a superior video player, and we recommend you give it a try.

REAL Player:

Real Player is one of the greatest player of the digital music space, and though you may have long-forgotten about its PC-based software, the Android app is actually really nice. It’s a video, photo and music-playing app, and to access the former you must cast your eye to the bottom where you’ll see an icon helpfully titled ‘Video’. You’re then presented with a folder view and ‘all’ view. You can search for any video stored on your device. RealPlayer is a great little all-in-one media app, but if you’re specifically looking to watch locally-stored videos, then you’d maybe be better with something a little more dedicated than this, such as MoboPlayer.


Winamp synchronizes smart phone playlists with Winamp’s content on desktop computers via a USB connection or Wi-Fi. You can also customize your playlists on the go. Winamp for Android displays the basic media information, such as artist, album and the title, and interacts directly with Pandora, YouTube and Amazon’s MP3 store. Even though developers took time off to update the app.

BS Player:

BS Player is a solid video player for power users. It features hardware and software decoding and supports a large number of popular video formats. The interface is clean-cut and supports swipe gestures. In addition, this player has a variety of skins to customize the UI to suit your liking. BS Player supports subtitles, as well as built-in subtitles in MKV files. In addition, BS player can search for the appropriate subtitles online. “Pop out” window is one of the greatest features of this player and can be used to watch videos in a smaller window above other applications.



Now these days most of the hotels, coffee shops, libraries, airports, universities and other public places are offering free Wi-Fi option for the convenience of their customers and also to attract customers. In this way number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots is growing day by day. But every hotspot is not secure. Some feel that it is convenient to have Wi-Fi is connected to their mobiles or laptops or tablets while they are having their lunch or coffee in a shop, which helps them to surf on net and avoid going over their cellular data limits. 

If you connect to a Wi-Fi network and send information through websites or mobile apps, it might be accessed by someone else.  Some shops will have a firewall in their wireless routers to protect you, but it doesn’t mean that you are protected from other people connected to the same network. If you are not careful about using free public Wi-Fi, strangers can snoop your data and information like email, social network conversations and also the valuable bank information also.

If you want to protect your data and keep your information secure, then follow these tips to have secure web surfing over public free Wi-Fi hotspots…… 

Tips to Stay safe on Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot:


All threats in this Digital world are not always technical threats. Stealing of information sometimes may occur in silly ways. When you are surfing on net while sitting in a public place like Hotels, busy airport lounge a hacker or snoop could be looking over your shoulder hoping that you may reveal your credit card number, username or password.

It may be some times lead to serious consequences. So you must carefully verify your surroundings to check no person is looking over your shoulder for your information.


In your home all devices are connected to single network where you will share files, printers, documents between one another in the same network or you will be allowed to remote login from other computers in that network. It is ok if you are in your own private network. But, when you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot there is chance, that others who are connected to that same network can hack into your device and access your data.

So you must conform once before connecting to public networks, that the sharing is disabled in your device by changing settings. In windows you can change these settings in the network and Internet settings in control panel.


Now these days most operating systems include built-in firewall, which will check and verify incoming and outgoing connections. Firewall protects your system from others who are trying to get it into your system. By default firewall will be in enabled position in every system. But check once whether your system Firewall is active or inactive. If firewall is turned off mode then make it turn on. Firewall does not provide complete protection but it warns you about unsecured connections. 


Anti-virus gives your device complete protection from virus. Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware will protect your system and gives complete protection over internet also. They inform you when any new suspicious actions occur in your system. Anti-Virus shows an alert message when known and dangerous malware and viruses are loaded into your PC and there are any modifications to registry files. So, make sure that your Anti-Virus is up-to date while you are accessing net over public Wi-Fi hotspot.


When you enter any hotels, airports, shopping malls there is chance of having fake public Wi-Fi hotspots, which are provided by some people with bad intention and that right skills to hack into your PC. Connecting to those fake Wi-Fi networks could place your device into the hands of evil people. If you want to connect to a public Wi-Fi network in any restaurants or something, confirm once with the employees working there about the official Wi-Fi network because they would know that correctly. This is important to check for the official Wi-Fi network of that public place.


VPN refers to “Virtual Private Network”. VPN enables computer to send and receive data across public networks by extending a private network across public network. VPN provide security by using tunneling protocols and encryption. VPN routes all your activities through a separate private network. Both paid and free VPN services available, but paid VPN service provides guaranteed security than free VPN service.

Make sure that you have set up a VPN in your device before connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot network so that your information is secured.


You know that websites with HTTPS protocol is more secure than websites with HTTP protocol, because HTTPS websites transfer data with the help of encryption technique where as HTTP websites transfer plain text which can be easily accessed by others. For those websites with HTTP protocol, we can make them HTTPS and transfer encrypted messages with the help of HTTPS extensions and plug-ins which can be integrated to web browsers. 
And also use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which will securely transfer sensitive information like credit card number, login data and other valuable information by establishing encryption link between client and server.

Some HTTPS extensions are: “HTTPS everywhere, Script safe…. Etc.,


Your smart phone, laptop and tablets may be set to connect automatically whenever there are any free public Wi-Fi networks available. This will connect your device to any open Wi-Fi network without any prior permission from you.  But this may lead your device connecting to unsecure and malicious networks which are specifically employed for stealing information form users.  So, before going out to any place make sure that automatic connecting to Wi-Fi networks feature in your device is disabled in order to secure your device from attacks. 


Many important and popular websites and services provide you an excellent login option called “Two-factor Authentication” to login into your account. In this Two Factor Authentication you need to have password and another piece of information to login into your account. That piece of information may be code to your mobile or mail or you receive you code by a call. If anybody has got your password by tracking your transactions through public Wi-Fi loop hole, they cannot login into your account without code you receive in your device. So, implement two factor authentications to your accounts.


While you are outside and using public Wi-Fi hotspot for browsing avoid online banking and online shopping. Although the banking apps use SSL in order to protect your information from theft. But it is safe for us to wait until you reach your home, where you can perform your online transactions. If it is an urgent case, at that time you use your mobile network instead of using free public Wi-Fi network to stay safe. This will save your money being theft by hacking you bank accounts. 


Do you maintain different passwords for different online accounts? It is good to have different and unique passwords for different online accounts you have. Because if any malicious person got one of your accounts password, then you can stop him getting access into other accounts of you. Especially if you have habit of accessing your accounts through public Wi-Fi networks, It is better to have unique passwords for different accounts you have. But keep track of all passwords you own.

For so many reasons I feel good to use mobile network, because anybody can’t track our information. So, avoid free public Wi-Fi hotspots as much as possible to stay safe. If I missed any tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, please comment below. Feel free to comment your queries and doubts, I will respond to you as soon as possible.  



Today most of the internet users are spending most of their time in Face book only. This is mainly seen in Youth and Students. Mainly they use this to chat with their friends, Share their information with their friends and many more things. Face book, Giant in Social Media has been improving their standards in their implementation of their Chat feature. One of this is, feature of displaying information whether the opposite person in chat had seen your message by displaying "seen" below your message. This feature has been updated by Face book half an year back.
The "seen" feature in Face book chat is very useful because it lets you to know whether your friend has seen your message or not. This feature helps in finding the status of our message to your friend. But with this feature there raises some issues between two friends in the matter of ignoring one's message.

I mean to say that, if a friend of you sent a message you have seen that message but in a hurry you are not able to reply him/her at that time he/she thinks that you are ignoring him/her by not sending reply to his/her message. At that time you think of necessity of the presence of disabling "seen" feature in Face book. 

For those who think about this option please read below know how to do that. Some people may use to chat via Android device and some people by their PC. For them I give different solutions based on the platform they chat. See below......

Disable "SEEN" Feature in Face book Chat:


Instead of installing Face book messenger in Android devices you Install PRIVY CHAT FOR FACEBOOK, which works as same as the Face book messenger. This App makes users to quickly read the messages by without marking them as read or seen. This helps the users to give an satisfied reply without any hurry to give an instant response to the message. This is the only thing that will save from "seen" feature in Face book chat while doing chat in an Android device.



Google chrome is one of the browsers, which is very famous and mostly used. This Google Chrome is developed by Google. We can disable "Seen" feature in PC while using from Google chrome by installing an Extension named "FACEBOOK UNSEEN". This extension when enabled will make your friends not notified about when you have seen the message.

To install:
  • Go to settings in Google Chrome, and then click on settings option.
  • Then go for extensions in the settings window.
  • There in search bar, type as "Face book Unseen".
  • The extension gets displayed on the screen, then click on the extension and then click on ADD TO CHROME.
  • Then it will be installed in Chrome and make it enable while doing chat in Face book.
This is how we can disable "seen" feature on Face book Chat in Google Chrome of PC. With this extension we can turn on and turn off seen feature whenever you want. 


In Firefox also we can disable "seen" feature on Face book chat with the help of Block Site plus plugin from Mozilla Firefox Add-on. To do this follow procedure below.....
  • Download and Install Block Site Plus plug-in from Firefox Add-on[ To download CLICK HERE].
  • Then in Mozilla start page go to Add-on, there click the Extensions button.
  • Then click the options button in the Block Site Plus Add-on.
  • Then a new window gets opened, in that window check the "add this site" option and paste below given URL in the text box below the "add this site" option.
  • And then select Quick add and Ok buttons to finalize the procedure.
URL:: " "
But the only disadvantage with this option in Mozilla Firefox is you must do the above procedure every time you open your Firefox Browser and before proceeding to chat. 

In the above ways you can disable "seen" feature on Face book chat. If you know any new methods and procedures to disable "seen" feature on face book chat please comment below. And if you have any queries about this topic please comment below. 



Today most of Smartphone users are well aware of the Android operating system. Because most of the Smartphone’s are built with Android OS. But most of the Android device users don't know complete features and consequences of apps and steps respectively. One of them are "Not remembering their unlock pattern". Most of the people keep patterns as the security measure to avoid unauthorized entry into their mobile. But some people may forget and in some cases other people who are not owners of that Smartphone tries to unlock Smartphone without knowing the pattern at that time this issue raises. After too many pattern attempts your mobile shows that "Too Many Pattern Attempts! To unlock, sign in with your Google Account". 

Usually this case rises after 20 unsuccessful attempts to unlock screen by an wrong pattern.
At that situations users of that Android Smartphone feel very bad and fear about the thing happened to their mobile. There are many ways to unlock your Android Smartphone after too many pattern attempts. The top most six tricks are.......

Procedure to Unlock an Android Device after too many Pattern Attempts:


That means log in to the Google Account which is associated with your Mobile. Usually it is the Account with which you logs in to your Android market or Google play in your mobile. By logging in to that Google Account you can unlock the locked mobile by disabling and changing the pattern

Usually this procedure requires your mobile connected with internet by Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. If your mobile doesn't contain the both Mobile Data and Wi-Fi then this procedure won't work to unlock the locked Smartphone. Then go for second procedure...


Google Account associated with your mobile is the Account which is used during signup and never used afterwards. You can conform the a Google account is associated with your mobile by going to page: and then select Settings tab, there you can see you device. If that is not present then that Account is not associated with your Device.


In this method you need to call the locked Android device whether it may be Smartphone or Tablet from another mobile. Answer call, during call press the Menu button in the locked mobile and enter into the Settings. Then go to disable Pattern Lock feature during the call itself.  

After the call ends locked mobile will be working normally without entering any patterns. This method can work for only some mobiles only.


If the above two methods are not working for your device then you can get access to your mobile by making hard reset of the locked mobile. But this hard reset will erase your data stored in the mobile like contacts, images, audio and video files. But you need to compromise one thing to get another thing in extreme cases.

This hard reset can be done by enter into a separate mode. Usually this mode can be achieved by pressing POWER+HOME+VOLUME buttons all together for most of the Android devices. For your device you check your mobiles user manual how to reset the mobile. This procedure will restore your mobile to the original setting which appeared at the time of purchase.


This trick works only when you know your Google Account Name and Password which is associated with your device. If your locked mobile has an internet connection just go to a computer and sign in at and install Screen Lock Bypass Apps on your device. With this you can Bypass the pattern lock in your device.

Some of the Apps are: Bypass Screen Lock Android and more.


Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a versatile command line tool that lets you to communicate with a Connected Android-Power Device or emulator instance. This technique requires an USB cable to connect your Smartphone with the computer. After connecting you need to enable "USB Debugging Mode". And issue commands to your device through ADB by which you can bypass the Screen Lock.

This technique requires assistance from any of the expert, a normal user is not aware of this procedure. so, please take assistance for issuing commands.


This is the procedure which is not familiar to all the persons they include some of the most experienced technical personalities also. This method is applicable for only some devices. 


  • Restart your Android device.
  • Then press home button continuously at the rate of 4-5 presses per second soon after you see the company logo while restarting.
  • If pressing is good enough then you can enter inside your device.
  • After entering quickly go to settings and disable pattern lock feature of your device.
This way you can unlock your Android device by hard recover which is named by me.


There is no guarantee that all the tricks work correctly to your device. So, please verify twice before proceeding. If you know any new tricks please comment below.  



Android O.S. is most used O.S. in the present day Smartphone’s and Tablets. You may have noticed that your Android device is slowed down considerably when compared to its initial performance. Users feel uneasy with their device performance and want to SPEED UP THEIR ANDROID PHONE but some of them don't know HOW TO SPEED UP AN ANDROID PHONE.

In order to speed up an Android Device some steps must be followed. Some Tips and Tricks to make your Android device performance like new one is...........

8 Tips to Speed up Your Android Mobile:


Due to use of device continuously, cache data can built up in your device and eat up precious system resources which will affect the performance of your device. This cache data can be cleared on any individual app by visiting the property page in app settings menu and tapping the "CLEAR CACHE" button. The cache data can be cleared by many free apps available in Android Store i.e., Google Play Store they are Clean Master, App Cache Cleaner, Cache Cleaner Easy....and many others. 


You may be installing various apps in your device for one time or rare use like a shopping app which is installed for rare use for shopping online. These apps may be running background and utilizes many of the valuable system resources.

you know that internal storage of any device is limited and less free space may decrease the performance of your device. It is recommended to uninstall or Disable or Move the unused apps. Apps can be Uninstalled by going to "SETTINGS>APPS MENU>SELECT APP TO BE UNINSTALLED". 

Your device may contain some preloaded apps they can't be uninstalled they can be Disabled or Hidden by this method.
You can also move your apps from internal storage to the external storage or cloud storage...To move to SD card "SETTINGS> APPS MENU> SELECT THE APP TO BE MOVED> SELECT MOVE TO SD CARD".


Some of the tasks may be running background which are unnecessary, Apps like AUTO TASK KILLER can kill chosen apps for every 'n' seconds, Which will free up the RAM space and increase the performance. A Good Antivirus can find out the spam’s and viruses and enhance the performance of device. START UP MANAGER stops the number of apps from starting automatically when the phone Boots up. SPARE PARTS Apps gives more settings to configure faster window and Transition Animation.


Many people will think that the main advantage of the Android Device is Widgets, which will help to find information very quickly and easily. But the presence of the unnecessary widgets and shortcuts to the Apps may occupy memory and will decrease the performance of the device. Removing of unnecessary Apps and shortcuts free up memory space and increase the performance of the device. They can be removed by LONG PRESSING THE WIDGET OR SHORTCUT and DRAGGING THEM TO OFF SCREEN.


Live wallpapers in Android are designed to offer user a better experience, which provide users with rich, animated and interactive background. But live wallpapers can slow down your device and drain battery also. Limiting the use of Live Wallpapers speed up an Android Device.

You can speed up an Android phone by disabling the Animations within the Operating System. This can be done by going to SETTINGS> DEVELOPER OPTIONS> ADVANCED> then UNCHECK the ANIMATION option which will disable the Window, Transition and Animator animation scales.


Firmware is a software (Programs or Data) that has been written to ROM(Read Only Memory), it is the combination of Hardware and Software. Regular updates to the Firmware can fix bugs, lag and some other issues which lead to speed up an Android phone. To see whether there is any update available go to SETTINGS> ABOUT PHONE> SYSTEM UPDATES.


Rooting is a risky option to increase the performance of the device. This option is more suitable for risk takers and advanced users. Unsuccessful rooting results in malfunctioning of the device and Successful rooting void your device warranty. Routing opens doors for new features and greater performance boosts. By rooting you can Over clock your processor and install the custom ROM. Custom ROM is not an official one. Over clocking of processor speeds up the Android Device. It is not recommended solution to speed up an Android Phone because any mistake may cause irreversible damage to device.


Restart and Reset are the temporary options to speed up the Android phone. But performs well. Reset of Android device erases everything and brings your phone back to its original state. Before resetting your device make backup to your contacts and saved information from being erased. By following and implementing these tricks one can increase the performance of their android device which will Speed up an Android Phone. 



Recently I came to know about the Guest Blogging but I don't know anything about it at that time. It took me week time to gain knowledge about it. I didn't do any Guest posting till now to date of publishing this article. But I want to share some information about the Guest Blogging.


Guest Blogging - in my words I define it as "writing good articles and posting or publishing them on others Blog spot or Website for free and it up to the decision of the Blogger to decide whether to publish that article or not". 

                       Also read : 8 WAYS TO IMPROVE ALEXA RANKING.

Guest Blogging has some of the rules or guide lines, they are - “Author should provide Unique content and Blogger should not Edit the Article without prior permission from the Author   except the minor Grammar mistakes."
Guest posting has many advantages to Bloggers and the Authors. The four reasons why Guest Blogging is a key strategy to every blogger is:


It is main advantage of the blogger who offers others to Guest post in his Blog, where he can get an Exclusive and free content without doing any work about that topic. This helps to increase the content of the blog without any hard work.


This Guest posting and adding value to someone's Blog helps to connect with other efficient Bloggers and maintain good relationship with the other Bloggers. With this large number of conversations on Internet between takes place which makes them friends. By this we are going to develop Influence over social media and leads to more Blog subscribers.


In order to get benefit of getting traffic from Search Engines Guest Blogger must ask the Host Blogger to "Include a link to your Blog in the somewhere i.e., usually at the begging or at the end of the post". This Linking is called back link. This Back linking raises the value of your Blog over search engines and it is to fin over Google, Yahoo, Bing....etc.


If you are writing good posts in the Host Blog that makes the people in that community as the readers, fans and followers of your Own Blog which leads to the construction of your own Empire and Reputation. It is because due to the established community of the Host Blog and Good value of your post.

Suggestions for Host Bloggers:

If your are allowing people to Guest Post in your Blog then you must be care full of the below things and check them one or more times before publishing that article from the Guest Bloggers........


Some of the Bloggers are not good writers and not have adequate knowledge, but they write the articles and offer them to the Guest Blogs. At that time the Host Blogger must check and verify that content provided by the Guest Blogger is Unique and whether the detailed description about the topic is given or not.


It is biggest mistake that is done by the Host Bloggers, because some of the Authors are not honest and can be bribed easily and the content in our Blog gets effected very adversely like posting Spammy links and deleting some piece of the content from our Blog. If you want to give Author Accounts for the purpose of time saving then make sure that Authors only ability of saving content as Draft.


As the Host Blogger you should demand for the owning of the content of the Guest Post. If the Author Links the Guest Post from his/her Blog then that is good for giving the credit of writing, as long as you own the content there is no issue. Owning of the content of the Guest Post doesn't allow people to write same content in their Blog or Other people sites.


Although you are getting many requests for posting the Guest articles in your Blog you must be very strict and selective during the pick of the Posts from Guest post's. The Guest Posts must be free from spelling mistakes and Grammar errors. We should select the guest posts in a way that it should maintain the theme of our Blog and improve the Blog traffic. It is useless of Guest Posting if you choose any unrelated topic to your Blog.  

Suggestions to Guest Bloggers:

It is based upon the interest of the Bloggers whether to write Guest Posts or not. If the Blog is having good enough Posts with good value to the posts and getting good traffic for the written content then I think it is not necessary to Write Guest Posts. Otherwise it helps a lot.

But life is race where one should try for better choices in everything. In this aspect it is good to write Guest Posts in some of the famous Blogs with good content without Grammar and Spelling mistakes.

At that of writing a Guest Post in any Blog or Website one should have to follow some guidelines for the improvement of the Traffic to your Blog......

a) You can ask the Host Blogger to Post the Back links of your Blog Posts in the Guest post of you. This helps in redirecting of traffic to your Blog.

b) You can withhold rights of your post, so that Host Blogger cannot make any changes in the content of the Post without your permission.

c) Ask permission from the Host Blogger to Link the Posts from your Blog or Website so that Credit of writing can be gained by you.

Yes, Guest Blogging really can grow the traffic of the Host and Guest Blogs/Websites by growing your Blog with Quality content and maintains good relationship among Bloggers. In the Final, it is good to promote the Habit of Guest Posting in Every aspect as it has many advantages if you follow the above mentioned guidelines.