Now a days all the people are interested of doing research and experiments on their devices in order to make them work more efficient than previous. One of this kind is Rooting their Android device. Rooting do many favors’ to users and when rooted wrongly it causes severe problems. The main aim of Routing is to increase performance of their device. But as per my concern there will be no greater change in performance. Some people want to restore back to their original Android features at that time they feel bad if there is no backup is set to the ROM before installing Custom ROM.                              

I suggest my readers to keep a backup of their Stock or Custom ROM, so that can be restored whenever you want. Stock ROM means the original or Default ROM given to your Device at the time of purchase of the Device. Custom ROM means the ROM installed after rooting the device. This backup is called Nandroid backup. Backup is very important for any device if you are performing any experimental things.

We can Backup and Restore the Stock/Custom Rom with the help of the CWM Recovery i.e., CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY. It can be done in two ways. In order to perform Backup/Restore in any of the two modes some preprocess steps must be followed they are....
  • The Android device must be Rooted one.
  • The device must have charging of at least 90% of its full charge.

1. ClockWorkMod Recovery Backup/Restore [Process - 1]:

I don't know how to refer this process so I named it as Process-1. Let me explain you to Backup/Restore...

ClockWorkMod Recovery is the custom recovery agent which recovers both Custom/Stock ROM completely. This must be present in your device.

  1. First boot the rooted device manually with the help of pressing some combination of keys and buttons. [these combinations change from device to device. So please careful].
  2. This boot takes you to the ClockWorkMod recovery mode where you can perform top, down and selection navigation with the help of volume up, volume down and power buttons respectively.[In touchscreen you can directly select and navigate as usually].
  3. Then select the "BACKUP AND RESTORE" option.   


After selecting Backup and restore a new window will be opened then do...
  1. Select "Backup" option.
Then the process of Backing up of the ROM will be started which will complete within few minutes.


In order to restore the procedure of Rebooting with above procedure must be followed and Backup of a ROM must be made before this either into External/Internal storage. If there present the Backup of ROM then carry on to get into CWM Recovery mode.

After selecting Backup and Restore option then a window of options will get displayed....
  1. Then select "Restore" option.
The Restore operation gets completed in few minutes. And once you Restart your device then the device is Restored with the Custom/Stock ROM you wanted to restore.

2. ClockWorkMod Recovery Backup/Restore [Process - 2]:

This process is very simple when compared to the above process. This process doesn't need any combination buttons to boot your device and take it to Kernel level. In this process first you must install the ClockWorkMod Recovery in your Rooted Android Device; this is different for different devices.                           


  1. Once the phone is rooted then install ROM manager App, which is available in Android Play Store (by ClockWorkMod).
  2. Open ROM manager app and then select the "Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery" option in the appearing window of ROM manager.
  3. Then select "Backup Current ROM" option.
  4. Then it will ask for Backup name and Permissions which must be provided by you.
Then the process of Backing up starts, which will be completed in few minutes. Once the phone restarts the Backup is completed. 


In order to restore first there must be a Backup, from which it must be restored. The procedure to restore is...
The Restore process is done with the help of ROM manager itself. In order to Restore open the ROM manager, then
  1. Select the "Manage and Restore Backup" option in the Rom manager Window.
  2. And then select "Restore" option.
Then Restore of Stock/Custom ROM, which is already backed up completes once the phone restarts.  


  1. In the above two processes the backup is done either in the Internal memory or External memory of the device. Some devices don't provide the option of selecting Backup location at that time Backup is stored in internal storage. But some have that option. If the option is available to select the Backup location then it is advised to select the External Storage of the device because the probability of failures of ROM Flashing. 
  2. One must follow correct procedure to avail and Backup and Restore facilities of their device ROM whether it may be Custom/Stock ROM.
The above said procedures are only for information purpose. If you want to Backup or Restore your Stock/Custom ROM. First you get familiar with the procedure of rooting, Backup and Restore which is different for different devices. So, please study your device case carefully and follow the correct procedure for your device. Thank you for reading this Article. 


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