Now a day’s many of the people are becoming Bloggers either by passion or for many. Whatever the reason may be Bloggers have a great future if their blogs contain quality content and it is up to SEO standards. Updating regularly is not always a key to success of one's blog. Your blog must contain valuable content in order to gain repeat and new visitors. Some of the blogs will have high Bounce Rate. Especially in upcoming blogs it is very high because usually visitors won't be fans of any blog at their first visit or second. So the visitors may get out of their site as soon as they got the required information or not. One must follow various techniques to make his blog bounce rate climb down.

But as of now Google is not considering Bounce Rate as factor to rate a blog but we don't know what happens in future. As a blogger you should concentrate on how to drive traffic to your blog and make your visitors to stay more time on your blog. This will reduce Blog Bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

According to me Bounce Rate is "Percentage of visitors that visit at your blog and then leaving without visiting any other pages of your blog". As the blog grows more the traffic it gets. Some of the traffic may turn to bounce rate. 

A good blog must contain Bounce rate between 40% - 60%. This is very good for the blog.

How Bounce Rate is Calculated?

Bounce rate of a blog is calculated by the ratio i.e., "number of visitors that left your Blog after single page / Total number of visits your blog got."

Now most of may think that why to reduce Bounce rate as Google is not considering it? But my answer to this question is -...

"Low Bounce Rate indicates Good performance of your Blog and High Bounce rate indicate that your Blog doesn't contain Quality information what the end user need." So one must take measures to reduce Blog Bounce rate.

12 Tips to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate:


When you are linking to another page which does not belong to your Blog whether it may be Downloads or Resources at that time you should make to sure that links are opening in a new window. Because opening of External links in the same window may redirect your users to get off from your blog.

In order to open external links to open in new window one must place target=
"_blank" in your external link. For example if the link is <a href="">techglut</a>, which opens in the same window. Where as 
<a href=""target="_blank">techglut</a>  opens in new window.


Visitors who came across your blog while searching any topic in Search Engine must stick to your blog. This would happen if your blog contain very interesting topics with quality content. Check that your Blog....
  •   Does not contain any grammar and typing mistakes.
  •   Post related contents.
  •   Highlight important points in that post. and etc.,
By following this tips your visitors get interest to visit other pages of your Blog.


Placement of adds in your blog also affect the Blog Bounce rate because wrong placement of adds distract the viewers attention to the topic and drive their attention towards the adds. When they click on these ads they redirect to other pages which makes your visitors to get away from your Blog. 

Add clicks by user may also happen accidentally when they are placed too close to the content. Ads are very important means of income to any Blog so one should take care of placing ads in their pages.


Every visitor who visits your Blog must be able to understand what the page is about within very few seconds of time. If you are giving information about any topic in your page then give links to the related posts present in your blog for easy navigation within your blog by visitor.

Best way of providing Easy navigation is presence of a Search box at the top of your blog which automatically searches the related content in your blog if user type anything in that search box.


Color contrast draws the attention of your page visitors towards the important and key parts of the page. Color contrast of blog makes the dull content in to most exciting and interesting one. Paragraphs with clear contrast, colors patterns and fonts make important content easier to find.

No visitor will stay in your blog for more time if they cannot read the font size, font style and the color contrast.


In my context 70% of the information in below paragraph must be explained by a heading which is placed above the paragraph. These headings must create enthusiasm among the visitors and make them to read the content which ultimate leads to the decline of Blog Bounce Rate. These headings must be very attractive and must grab the attention of users.


Blog loading time is also a factor which affects the Bounce Rate of the Blog.
More loading time of Blog may irritate visitors and make them to go away from your blog without visiting any other pages. Usually more number of Widgets and Plug-in present in Blog leads to more loading time.

So, you must the number of Plug-in and widgets of your Blog in control and must be maintained perfectly without any code errors. Because everyone likes faster loading blogs.


Design of the blog is also a factor of High Bounce Rate. Good design of blog provides better navigation in the blog without any loopholes. Good design helps to direct your visitor to another page of your blog easily. As we all know that "First impression is the Best Impression".

So, you must concentrate on how to design a Blog with best features and content. This leads to well organization of the blog. Make sure that your blog design gives a professional feel to your visitors.


Long paragraphs and long posts will increase the Blog Bounce Rate because the attention of Visitors will be short span. In this busy world if the visitors see long paragraphs and posts they get irritated and may get off your Blog. 

So, it is better to split up the information. Write small paragraphs and split long posts in to short and make them interlinked which looks more appealing than long paragraphs. This would reduce your Blog Bounce Rate. 


If any visitor is visiting your Blog for the first time he must be impressed at that time only so that he can regularly visit your Blog and other pages of your Blog also. 

Pop-ups, like boxes, pop-up adds, chat boxes an d auto playing of audio or video will distract the visitors. Sometimes pop-ups will help to provide news letters to the loyal readers of our Blog. But they must be restricted to some extent only.


Some the templates used by bloggers do not fit to all the screen sizes and resolutions. At that time, suppose think that a visitor is accessing you blog from a mobile internet but your Blog does not contain responsive template then he must navigate very difficultly in the same page itself.

Responsive template means, template which automatically fits to all the displays and resolutions and simplify the navigation to the visitor.


Suppose when, visitor who visits your blog accidentally but not interested in the posts in the Blog at that time he automatically get off from your Blog. So you must target a section of visitors and attract them by posting your posts and related links in the most popular sites and social media like Face book, twitter, Linked in etc.,

Some other tips are..........

  •  Point your readers towards other useful information in your Blog.
  • Show your popular posts to the visitors.
  • Try to post unique and relative content.
  • Make related posts visible to the visitor.
  • Check the browser compatibility of your Blog.
By following above time in your Blog will gradually decrease your Blog Bounce Rate. But one should have patience.


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