Now these days almost every user of internet is associated with an Face book account whether to promote Business, popularity or to stay connected with their friends. There is no proof needed to create any Face book account and the information provided by the Account holder during account creation is the final. There is no Authentication to the data provided by the user. So the chance of creating fake accounts in Face book is high. According to one statistics more than 80 million accounts are a fake account which is equal to almost 4% - 6% of all Face book accounts. 

It is quite important to think twice and do certain investigations before adding any unknown person as Face book friend. Some people do not like to reveal their personal details to unknown persons. creation of Face book accounts is common practice to the people who wish to play with others and ti get their personal details.

Once if you accept fake account request as a Friend, then there may be possibility of spamming your wall with informal content and also inflate the number of fans of certain pages. There are some tricks and tips to find out whether a Face book account is fake. Some of them are.......

Tips to find Whether a Facebook Account in fake?


Usually a Fake Account does not have original profile picture usually it is downloaded from Google images. So this trick works almost for all fake accounts.


  • First download the profile picture of the Account, which you want to verify and save it on your computer in a specified location.
  • But Some accounts will have Private as settings to the Profile picture at that time you feel difficult to download the picture. 


  • Then launch any browser in your computer and go to Google Images
  • Drag and drop the downloaded profile picture in the Google image search bar from your computer.  
  • And then click on search icon.
Then Google will return the images that exactly match or the images that look similar to the Profile picture you have uploaded in Google image search. With this you can also get the location from where the image has been downloaded. Location means the pages that include the matched image in the web.


Second trick is reading the profile information of the account completely from this you can analyze the originality and correctness of any Face book account. Because the fake account creators does not concentrate on information given by them during account creation.

For example: 

Consider the Education details of any original Face book account usually details furnished there will match logically with one other. But in the case of fake Face book account they do not match logically in the 90% of the cases.

Like above example there exist no logical connections between the details furnished in the fake Account in almost all the cases. This trick must be applied by using some common sense and verify the details very keenly. So, that you can conclude whether a Face book account is fake by the presence of non ideal links in the profile information.    


This is the most important aspect that must be checked in the process of finding whether a Face book account is fake. Usually in most cases these fake Face book Accounts are created by the teenagers to make a relationship with opposite gender or to make fun with friends.

Most of the fake Face book accounts will have maximum number of friends from the opposite gender. In this case, it can be assumed that this profile is to make fun with others or friends.

The other chance is there will be no interconnection or relationship between the friends in the friend list of fake accounts in most of the cases. In this case the fake account is mostly used to spam your profile or to inflate fans to certain pages.         


This tip helps somewhat to identify the fake Face book account. Look the photos in the profile of the Account; if you find only one photo which belongs to an individual then you can conclude that the Account is fake one. But in some cases it may give wrong results also because, some of the genuine profiles will also have only one photo in their profile.

But it is one of the chances to identify the fake one.


If the account user is keep on adding the unknown persons and opposite gender persons to the friend list and making them as friends but not liking any of the pages and not joined in any group. This activities show that the user is concentrating on only adding friends. Then the doubt of fake account starts. This is measure to find the fake Face book accounts.

And also check the recent wall posts, if you come to lots of people asking the person "do I know you (or) who are you" but these questions remain unanswered. Then you can conclude the Account is fake.

Some other tips...

  • Search their profile name in online if it looks unusual, if it returns the results then you can get to know about him if it is not common.
  • If the account you want to check belongs to a girl. We know that girls won't keep their contact number in Face book. if you find that contact number then the chance of fake account is somewhat high.
  • If you find any information in that account which is not exposed by normal users then you can consider that account as fake one.
  • Check the timeline of the account which shows the presence of the person in Face book from which you can conclude. 
By the above tricks we can conclude whether a Face book account is fake one up to 70% correctly. If you know any new tricks please comment below. Please share your queries, which will be answered by us.


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