I have seen people doing many things and adventures to get video downloaded from YouTube. They use different Softwares and extensions in their Browsers to do this. Of course I also used to do the same adventures when I want to download a video from YouTube. But once I used this trick it saved me lot of time. It is very easy to implement and download a video from YouTube. We can download a video in any format and in any quality with this trick.

With this trick you can also download videos from YouTube by using any smart phone. Because this trick also works on all the smart phones like Android based, Nokia Lumia series, Iphone and other smartphones. let me explain how to download..........

Procedure to download Video from YouTube: 

STEP - 1:

Open any Browser on your computer and then Go to YouTube website. Then there search and find the video you need to download.

STEP - 2:

Then click on that video, so that the video starts to play on YouTube. Then the actual Process starts.

STEP - 3:

Then go to the address bar in the Browser there you find the URL related to that video. In that URL after "www." add a two letter word "ss" and keep rest of the URL as it is. And then press Enter on your Keyboard.

For example:

If the URL is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j6F012HtAM
then modified URL becomes:

Before modification:                     

After modification:

STEP - 4:

Then this URL will direct you to another website where you can see the download option for the various qualities of the video. From them you can select the required quality. By clicking on that option the video gets downloaded into your computer without any delay.                       

With this trick you can download any number of videos from YouTube with out using any third party software to do so. This saves a lot of time for people in searching programs or Softwares that are useful to download YouTube videos. There is installation tensions for the users and it is available for free for all the users. This trick has an advanced feature of displaying all the qualities of the videos so that user can choose between them.


If you know any new tricks to download videos from YouTube without using software you are always allowed to comment below. And if you have any queries about above procedure please comment below I will answer you as soon as possible.


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