Have you ever thought of using your PC as an android device?.Yes!Now it is possible.I would guide you through different ways.Where you can fulfill your wish of using android  Machine which will run all android apps.Also some apps let you sync favorites or other personal data with a companion program or some equivalent application on a PC,But mobile apps and their PC counterparts are rarely the same.So, it reduces the privacy issues.     


4 ways to use android apps on your PC are:

Bluestacks is a silicon valley based software company that produces the bluestacks software which is most probably the first software to introduce android apps to PC.But problem comes here is that blue stacks is available in free version but it slow down your system and when it comes to Youwave its in paid version which was we are not most likely to pay when we are getting a similar thing for to overcome this problem Genymotion  have come.And also there is this official Android emulator provided by google as a part of the Android SDK.

1. BLUESTACKS:                                                

Bluestacks is one of the popular software amongst Android emulator for windows, this is not a complete software but mostly an app player.It has a simpler user can search for an app on playstore using the search field and install the app we need in our PC.The user experience could be a lot better if you have a windows 8 touch screeen display as you could perform action just the way you would do on android smartphone.If we dont have a touch screen instead of swipe click and hold mouse button,move the mouse cursor and then release.


  • Push Apps from  Bluestacks App to your device.
  • Ease of PC to navigate on PC screen.
  • Though it is not the best emulator for windows, it has great potential.


  • Not all features of an App can be used.
  • This Android emulator for Windows still have a lot of bugs freezing.


You Wave offers full android system unlike Bluestacks app player the menu and options are  just like a regular android home screen, however you wave is a paid application but comes  with ten days of free trial to try out the software, this is the only android emulator for windows on our list which doesn’t offer free version. You wave android emulator for windows  works on resources from a software called virtual box, if this piece of virtualization software is installed on your system then you will have to remove it before installing the you wave because both will be relying on same services.                                           

You may decide to install android on virtual box by skipping you wave but that calls for more work however by doing this you don’t have to pay to you wave makers. Unlike Bluestacks, you wave doesn’t come pre loaded with top apps however you can install play store to get your favorite apps, to install Google play Click the View menu, select Online Content, and click on the Google Play icon, then Click the View menu again, select Apps, and click the Google Play app to download Google play.


  • Complete Android user experience.
  • Fast performance with almost no lags.


  • It is paid App and free trial is only for 10 days.


Formerly android vm has been upgraded to Genymotion, developers aim to replace android native emulator and increase its usage from just testing to presentation and much more, it is a quality & feature rich product. Genymotion is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Like You Wave Genymotion does not rely on resources from virtual box, if you are trying to install it on windows the installation package is bundled with Virtual box but for mac and Linux virtual box has to be installed separately.

Genymotion has a lot of features to offer including but not limited to Wi-Fi, GPS emulators, hardware acceleration, command line utility & eclipse IDE plugin, developers goal is to include many more sensors in coming versions, click here to download Genymotion.


  • Very fast when compared to other Android Emulators.
  • It is free.
  • Completely developer friendly and normal user friendly.
  • You can use Accelerometer and other sensors(pro version features).


  • There is no official support to use Google Services.
  • Can't run on low end systems, minimum of 2 GB RAM is required.


Google provides an official Android emulator as part of the Android SDK. You can use it to run the Android operating system in a window on your existing computer. This gives you complete access to the entire Android operating system. It’s intended for developers to test their Android apps.

Unfortunately, the official Android emulator is rather slow and isn’t a good option for everyday use. It’s useful if you want to test apps or play with the latest version of Android, but you wouldn’t want to actually use apps or play games in it. 


  • It is officially produced by Google.


  • It lacks ease of users.
These are four main Android emulators available for Windows Operating systems. If you have any new approaches then please free to comment below. I will answer your queries. 


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