Messenger, one of the most successful and fast growing products from Facebook with almost 1 billion monthly active users. Facebook is continuous working on things to add new features to Messenger. One among them is integrating Dropbox file sharing in Messenger.

Messenger has included in Group voice call feature to interact with members of group over the internet in its recent update. But this group calling features in limited to 50 people.  Amazing features that are being added by Messenger are aimed to keep people look to Messenger for all the activities not just simply chat in text with friends.

How to make a Group Voice Call in Messenger:

This feature in messenger is very handy and easy to add a participant from the same group while you are already in group call.
  1.   In group Chat, there will be a phone icon the top of screen. Tap that phone icon.
  2.   It will show up a pop-up “Start group call” with list of members in the group. You can select the participants of the voice call from that members.
  3. Then you will be taken to screen where you can see the selected members will have status, contacting or ringing under their name.
  4.  If any participant answered your call in group. Then he will be moved to “In Call” section in same screen and remaining members will be in “Not in Call” section.
  5. If you want to add a new participant in group call. Then Tap that particular participant phone icon in the “not in call” section of same screen.  
That’s it. This way you can enjoy voice conversations with your friends in group over internet.In Messenger group voice call any participant who is in present group call can add a new participant. But there is no option of deleting a person from that group call while you are in on going call. Feel free to express you views about this.



It seems that Facebook is keen on making it's Messenger App as one stop for all your messaging needs and sharing files with out leaving from the Messenger app. Messenger has included Drop Box (one of the cloud storage service) support to Android app and iOS app, by which you can directly share files (PowerPoint, PDF's etc.,), images and videos in your Facebook Messenger conversations. 

Previously, if you want share or send any content which is in Drop Box through Messenger App either first you need to download that content into your device and send the content or create a link to the content you want to share and send it in Messenger. This feature makes file, image and video sharing in Facebook Messenger App hassle free for the user. 


This feature in Messenger app can be accessed only if your device (i.e., Android or iOS) contains Drop Box App. Photos and videos you share will appear instantly in chat, while the files you share will have just link to them.

Procedure to Share and Preview Files, Images and Videos from Drop Box through Messenger App Directly:

In order to share and preview files, follow the below steps:
  1. Hit "More" button in Facebook Messenger conversation where you want to share.
  2. Then look for the "Drop Box" in the list of the apps in Messenger App.
  3. Select the file or image or video that you want to share in that conversation.
  4. It will take you to the confirmation screen with preview which has two options "Send" and "Cancel". Select "Send" option.
  5. That's it. File is successfully shared.
In Future Facebook is going to release update to Messenger App with Video chat heads. If you have any doubts feel free to post comment. We will get back to you, if we are able to answer it.



Now a days Facebook is working on some interesting features, to provide better and quality service to their users. In their Android Facebook Messenger App, Facebook included a feature which will support users to have multiple accounts in Messenger App. Before this update If you want to login with different account in Facebook messenger App for Android you need to logout of the present account and login with the other account. With the help of this update, in a single device you can login to two or more Facebook accounts and easily switch between these accounts easily.

How To Add Multiple Accounts In Facebook Messenger App For Android:

  • In the Facebook Messenger App for Android, on the right side top corner you can find the settings option. Click on settings option.
  • Then you will be navigated to a screen where you can find list of options. In that select "Accounts" option.
  • Next, click on the plus "+" icon which is on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then a pop screen will be displayed asking the user to enter the other account "Email or Phone Number" and "Password".
  • Enter the credentials then select the button "Add".
That's all you need to do to add another account in the Facebook Messenger App for Android. Then you play around with different accounts in the single device.


While entering the other account credentials, you can see a small check box asking the user "Require  a password when switching to this account". You can check that box or not, it is based on your interest.

If you check this box, then each time you are switching to this account Messenger App will ask for Account Password

How to Switch between different accounts in Facebook Messenger App for Android:

This is simple, and similar to the process of adding the other account in the messenger app.
  • Select Settings option on the top right corner and then select the Accounts option.
  • It will display the list of accounts that are in Messenger App. You can select your desired account.
This is good feature from Facebook like Google. In google mail you can switch between accounts easily. That's how you can add and manage different accounts in Facebook App for Android.   



Have you ever thought of using your PC as an android device?.Yes!Now it is possible.I would guide you through different ways.Where you can fulfill your wish of using android  Machine which will run all android apps.Also some apps let you sync favorites or other personal data with a companion program or some equivalent application on a PC,But mobile apps and their PC counterparts are rarely the same.So, it reduces the privacy issues.     


4 ways to use android apps on your PC are:

Bluestacks is a silicon valley based software company that produces the bluestacks software which is most probably the first software to introduce android apps to PC.But problem comes here is that blue stacks is available in free version but it slow down your system and when it comes to Youwave its in paid version which was we are not most likely to pay when we are getting a similar thing for to overcome this problem Genymotion  have come.And also there is this official Android emulator provided by google as a part of the Android SDK.

1. BLUESTACKS:                                                

Bluestacks is one of the popular software amongst Android emulator for windows, this is not a complete software but mostly an app player.It has a simpler user can search for an app on playstore using the search field and install the app we need in our PC.The user experience could be a lot better if you have a windows 8 touch screeen display as you could perform action just the way you would do on android smartphone.If we dont have a touch screen instead of swipe click and hold mouse button,move the mouse cursor and then release.


  • Push Apps from  Bluestacks App to your device.
  • Ease of PC to navigate on PC screen.
  • Though it is not the best emulator for windows, it has great potential.


  • Not all features of an App can be used.
  • This Android emulator for Windows still have a lot of bugs freezing.


You Wave offers full android system unlike Bluestacks app player the menu and options are  just like a regular android home screen, however you wave is a paid application but comes  with ten days of free trial to try out the software, this is the only android emulator for windows on our list which doesn’t offer free version. You wave android emulator for windows  works on resources from a software called virtual box, if this piece of virtualization software is installed on your system then you will have to remove it before installing the you wave because both will be relying on same services.                                           

You may decide to install android on virtual box by skipping you wave but that calls for more work however by doing this you don’t have to pay to you wave makers. Unlike Bluestacks, you wave doesn’t come pre loaded with top apps however you can install play store to get your favorite apps, to install Google play Click the View menu, select Online Content, and click on the Google Play icon, then Click the View menu again, select Apps, and click the Google Play app to download Google play.


  • Complete Android user experience.
  • Fast performance with almost no lags.


  • It is paid App and free trial is only for 10 days.


Formerly android vm has been upgraded to Genymotion, developers aim to replace android native emulator and increase its usage from just testing to presentation and much more, it is a quality & feature rich product. Genymotion is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Like You Wave Genymotion does not rely on resources from virtual box, if you are trying to install it on windows the installation package is bundled with Virtual box but for mac and Linux virtual box has to be installed separately.

Genymotion has a lot of features to offer including but not limited to Wi-Fi, GPS emulators, hardware acceleration, command line utility & eclipse IDE plugin, developers goal is to include many more sensors in coming versions, click here to download Genymotion.


  • Very fast when compared to other Android Emulators.
  • It is free.
  • Completely developer friendly and normal user friendly.
  • You can use Accelerometer and other sensors(pro version features).


  • There is no official support to use Google Services.
  • Can't run on low end systems, minimum of 2 GB RAM is required.


Google provides an official Android emulator as part of the Android SDK. You can use it to run the Android operating system in a window on your existing computer. This gives you complete access to the entire Android operating system. It’s intended for developers to test their Android apps.

Unfortunately, the official Android emulator is rather slow and isn’t a good option for everyday use. It’s useful if you want to test apps or play with the latest version of Android, but you wouldn’t want to actually use apps or play games in it. 


  • It is officially produced by Google.


  • It lacks ease of users.
These are four main Android emulators available for Windows Operating systems. If you have any new approaches then please free to comment below. I will answer your queries. 



I see that everybody on internet use to watch videos from different sites in web. You tube is largest provider of video's, which are uploaded from every part of the world everyday. YouTube does not provide any download option to download videos. Not only YouTube there are are many sites that provide videos are Google video, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, break and others. Everybody wants to download videos in order to watch and share.

There are different ways to download videos from Internet. mainly of two types they are: web apps and desktop application. Let us see some of the web apps to download videos

Web Apps to Download YouTube Videos:


Zamzar is a free online web application which downloads and converts videos, mp3 and images and others to different formats. The procedure of downloading and converting involves the paste of the required file url in step 1 only and then proceed to download.


YoutubeX is another web app which dowloads videos especially from youtube, it does not support the other sites as the name itself suggests Youtube. It has the feature of playing videos and find popular videos quickly.


KCOOLONLINE is an excellent online web app to download videos from youtube. It also supports more than 100 sites that provide videos i.e.,ifilm, My Space..etc for downloading videos.Downloaded videos from Youtube must be renamed as .FLV extension.


This VideoRonk Website provides search for the Youtube, Google videos, Meta Cafe and supports My Space Video also. It sorts the videos and Arrange them in most populer first when we search. In this site we can watch videos and can download in .FLV format.


KeepVid is one of the online website for downloading videos from Youtube and many other video sharing sites. This website also has the section of popular videos. the KeepVid website is very easy to use and download videos more effectively.


SaveVid is most probably a online video downloader site. Through this SaveVid one can download videos in any format he/she required like .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MPG ...etc formats. This site provides huge list of videos of different categories and has Top video section. It supports almost all popular video sharing sites.


As the name itself suggests this an exclusive site for converting of videos to any format. We also can download videos by pasting the URL of required video in the online videos of this site. Through this we can also send files. Through this website we can download videos from Vimeo, Meta Cafe, MegaVideo...etc sites.



Down This Video is a simple online video downloader site. One can download videos through this site by simply copying the url of video and pasting that url on the text box in home page of website. This site also consists of the popular videos.


Video Grabber is all-in-one website where we can directly download and convert all online videos. Through this site one can download videos from Youtube,, msnvideo, Dailymotion..etc video sharing sites. In this site we can also convert video to mp3 and has screenrecorder also. It sorts most popular videos.


Using this one can download videos by pasting the url of video, the downloadede video is in the format depending upon the device your are downloading video. It supports downloading of videos of almost all Video sharing sites.

Along with the above sites there are some sites for downloading videos. they are: FLV2MP3, SAVE VIDEO, IX DOWNLOADER, IX CONVERTER, DET URL, Y TUBE3, KH DOWNLOAD, YOUTUBE CONVERTER, SAVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD, CLIP CONVERTER, CATCH VIDEO....etc.


In order to download videos from internet throuth the above website apps, one's PC or LAPTOP must be enabled with JAVA. To install JAVA.


I have seen people doing many things and adventures to get video downloaded from YouTube. They use different Softwares and extensions in their Browsers to do this. Of course I also used to do the same adventures when I want to download a video from YouTube. But once I used this trick it saved me lot of time. It is very easy to implement and download a video from YouTube. We can download a video in any format and in any quality with this trick.

With this trick you can also download videos from YouTube by using any smart phone. Because this trick also works on all the smart phones like Android based, Nokia Lumia series, Iphone and other smartphones. let me explain how to download..........

Procedure to download Video from YouTube: 

STEP - 1:

Open any Browser on your computer and then Go to YouTube website. Then there search and find the video you need to download.

STEP - 2:

Then click on that video, so that the video starts to play on YouTube. Then the actual Process starts.

STEP - 3:

Then go to the address bar in the Browser there you find the URL related to that video. In that URL after "www." add a two letter word "ss" and keep rest of the URL as it is. And then press Enter on your Keyboard.

For example:

If the URL is :
then modified URL becomes: 

Before modification:                     

After modification:

STEP - 4:

Then this URL will direct you to another website where you can see the download option for the various qualities of the video. From them you can select the required quality. By clicking on that option the video gets downloaded into your computer without any delay.                       

With this trick you can download any number of videos from YouTube with out using any third party software to do so. This saves a lot of time for people in searching programs or Softwares that are useful to download YouTube videos. There is installation tensions for the users and it is available for free for all the users. This trick has an advanced feature of displaying all the qualities of the videos so that user can choose between them.


If you know any new tricks to download videos from YouTube without using software you are always allowed to comment below. And if you have any queries about above procedure please comment below I will answer you as soon as possible.



Now these days most of the hotels, coffee shops, libraries, airports, universities and other public places are offering free Wi-Fi option for the convenience of their customers and also to attract customers. In this way number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots is growing day by day. But every hotspot is not secure. Some feel that it is convenient to have Wi-Fi is connected to their mobiles or laptops or tablets while they are having their lunch or coffee in a shop, which helps them to surf on net and avoid going over their cellular data limits.                     

If you connect to a Wi-Fi network and send information through websites or mobile apps, it might be accessed by someone else.  Some shops will have a firewall in their wireless routers to protect you, but it doesn’t mean that you are protected from other people connected to the same network. If you are not careful about using free public Wi-Fi, strangers can snoop your data and information like email, social network conversations and also the valuable bank information also.

If you want to protect your data and keep your information secure, then follow these tips to have secure web surfing over public free Wi-Fi hotspots…… 

Tips to Stay Safe on Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot:


All threats in this Digital world are not always technical threats. Stealing of information sometimes may occur in silly ways. When you are surfing on net while sitting in a public place like Hotels, busy airport lounge a hacker or snoop could be looking over your shoulder hoping that you may reveal your credit card number, username or password.

It may be some times lead to serious consequences. So you must carefully verify your surroundings to check no person is looking over your shoulder for your information.


In your home all devices are connected to single network where you will share files, printers, documents between one another in the same network or you will be allowed to remote login from other computers in that network. It is ok if you are in your own private network. But, when you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot there is chance, that others who are connected to that same network can hack into your device and access your data.

So you must conform once before connecting to public networks, that the sharing is disabled in your device by changing settings. In windows you can change these settings in the network and Internet settings in control panel.


Now these days most operating systems include built-in firewall, which will check and verify incoming and outgoing connections. Firewall protects your system from others who are trying to get it into your system. By default firewall will be in enabled position in every system. But check once whether your system Firewall is active or inactive. If firewall is turned off mode then make it turn on. Firewall does not provide complete protection but it warns you about unsecure connections. 


Anti-virus gives your device complete protection from virus. Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware will protect your system and gives complete protection over internet also. They inform you when any new suspicious actions occur in your system. Anti-Virus shows an alert message when known and dangerous malware and viruses are loaded into your PC and there are any modifications to registry files. So, make sure that your Anti-Virus is up-to date while you are accessing net over public Wi-Fi hotspot.


When you enter any hotels, airports, shopping malls there is chance of having fake public Wi-Fi hotspots, which are provided by some people with bad intention and that right skills to hack into your PC. Connecting to those fake Wi-Fi networks could place your device into the hands of evil people. If you want to connect to a public Wi-Fi network in any restaurants or something, confirm once with the employees working there about the official Wi-Fi network because they would know that correctly. This is important to check for the official Wi-Fi network of that public place.


VPN refers to “Virtual Private Network”. VPN enables computer to send and receive data across public networks by extending a private network across public network. VPN provide security by using tunneling protocols and encryption. VPN routes all your activities through a separate private network. Both paid and free VPN services available, but paid VPN service provides guaranteed security than free VPN service.

Make sure that you have set up a VPN in your device before connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot network so that your information is secured.


You know that websites with HTTPS protocol is more secure than websites with HTTP protocol, because HTTPS websites transfer data with the help of encryption technique where as HTTP websites transfer plain text which can be easily accessed by others. For those websites with HTTP protocol, we can make them HTTPS and transfer encrypted messages with the help of HTTPS extensions and plug-ins which can be integrated to web browsers. 
And also use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which will securely transfer sensitive information like credit card number, login data and other valuable information by establishing encryption link between client and server.

Some HTTPS extensions are: “HTTPS everywhere, Script safe…. Etc.,


Your smart phone, laptop and tablets may be set to connect automatically whenever there are any free public Wi-Fi networks available. This will connect your device to any open Wi-Fi network without any prior permission from you.  But this may lead your device connecting to unsecure and malicious networks which are specifically employed for stealing information form users.  So, before going out to any place make sure that automatic connecting to Wi-Fi networks feature in your device is disabled in order to secure your device from attacks. 


Many important and popular websites and services provide you an excellent login option called “Two-factor Authentication” to login into your account. In this Two Factor Authentication you need to have password and another piece of information to login into your account. That piece of information may be code to your mobile or mail or you receive you code by a call. If anybody has got your password by tracking your transactions through public Wi-Fi loop hole, they cannot login into your account without code you receive in your device. So, implement two factor authentications to your accounts.


While you are outside and using public Wi-Fi hotspot for browsing avoid online banking and online shopping. Although the banking apps use SSL in order to protect your information from theft. But it is safe for us to wait until you reach your home, where you can perform your online transactions. If it is an urgent case, at that time you use your mobile network instead of using free public Wi-Fi network to stay safe. This will save your money being theft by hacking you bank accounts. 


Do you maintain different passwords for different online accounts? It is good to have different and unique passwords for different online accounts you have. Because if any malicious person got one of your accounts password, then you can stop him getting access into other accounts of you. Especially if you have habit of accessing your accounts through public Wi-Fi networks, It is better to have unique passwords for different accounts you have. But keep track of all passwords you own.

For so many reasons I feel good to use mobile network, because anybody can’t track our information. So, avoid free public Wi-Fi hotspots as much as possible to stay safe. If I missed any tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, please comment below. Feel free to comment your queries and doubts, I will respond to you as soon as possible.   



Hey guys, we all know that use of internet has been increased to its peak. some of the internet users are getting addicted to the various websites especially the social media websites. Some of them are Facebook,Twitter and some others. These people or their parents realize at some context of time, that they are not concentrating on appropriate material and they are wasting their valuable time on useless things. People like us I mean to say that Bloggers also gets addicted to Blog. At that time they want to block the websites which are disturbing their concentration. For them there are some ways to do that. I will explain you how to Block a website on PC and also MAC.

            Also read: 15WAYS TO ACCESS BLOCKED WEBSITES.

7 Ways to Block a Website:


In this section I will give you procedure, how to block a website over all Browsers on a PC step by step.

  1. First open RUN and type "C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc" in the text box of windows explorer. If windows is not installed in C drive then replace "C" in above command to the appropriate drive. Then click OK button.
  2. It opens a new window, In that window double click "hosts" file and open it in Notepad.
  3. Then in that "hosts" Notepad at the end first identify the lines " localhost" and "::1 localhost".
  4. Below that two lines place the cursor and type command " website", here in the command website must be replaced by the name of the website which you want to block from accessing.
  5. Then go to "tools" option and select the "save" option.    

Like this you can Block any number of websites on your PC by following the same above procedure.


  • If the "hosts" file was not saved after modification then you need to change the Administrator permissions. At that time, Right click on the "hosts" file.
  • Select "properties" option from the displayed options.
  • Now choose "security" option from newly opened window.
  • Then click on "Edit" option above the permissions list.
  • Then check all the boxes below the option "allow". and then Click on OK button.

Then save the modified file. Otherwise save the modified file in different location like desktop or other folders and then Drag that file to the previous location. 

After this modifications the specified websites in "hosts" file are not allowed by your PC to open in any of the Browser present in your PC. 


First of all if you want to make any serious system changes to your MAC then it is good to have backup of the original system settings. It is optional only for security purpose. Let me explain you the procedure to Block a Website on MAC.
  1. First open "terminal" by going to "Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal".
  2. Then copy and paste the below given code in the Terminal after the $ [dollar] symbol and press Enter.                                                                                                              CODE: sudo /bin/cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts-original
  3. Then terminal will ask you to enter "Password". Then you enter your password but it is not displayed there but it is saved. So please enter password carefully.
  4. Then again copy and paste the below given code into the terminal after the $ [dollar] symbol and press Enter.                                                                                                              CODE: sudo /Applications/
  5. Then "hosts" text file will be opened. Check whether the hosts file locked or unlocked.  
  6. If "hosts" file is Locked then Unlock it clicking next to the "Locked" icon in the header portion and then selecting "Unlock".
  7. In "hosts" file text edit below the line "fe80::1%lo0 localhost" place the edit cursor.
  8. And then type the command " website" here website means the name of the website which you would like to Block on your MAC.
This is the procedure to Block a website on MAC. You can Block any number of websites across all browsers on MAC.

Block Websites on Browser:


In Chrome there is no inbuilt option to block any website. The only thing to do is to have Chrome Extension which will block the access to the websites. There are many extensions to do so. But I will suggest you only two of them. They are.
  1. Block Site.
  2. Stay Focused.


If Block Site Extension is enabled in the Google chrome to Block a website...     
  • Right Click anywhere on the website.
  • Then a list of Block Site options are displayed from them choose "add current site to Block List" if wish to add that website to black list. Then the site is added to Block list.
With this Block Site extension, we can block some of the words from displaying in websites, we can set times in which a Website must be blocked so that the particular website does not work in that time. It also has Uninstall protection so that the persons who don't know password can not uninstall it.

Block Site Plus is another extension in Chrome which can be used to Block website based on the measure of how much time you would like to spend on that website per day after that time website is automatically Blocked.


Blocking a website in Mozilla Firefox uses third party Add-ons to do this Block site. Like Chrome it also has many Add-ons to do so. Two of them are...
  1. Leech Block.
  2. Block Site.


Once leech Block Add-on is enabled on you Firefox browser. Then open Leech Block and specify the name of the website which is to be blocked in the Firefox Browser. With this extension we can specify when to block a website and how to block a website. This extension can Block websites in six sets. Option of setting password to this Add-on is also available.


In Internet Explorer we can directly Block a website with the help of internal settings of the Explorer itself. 

Procedure to Block:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools (Alt+X) option in internet explorer.
  2. Then select "Security" option on newly opened window. 
  3. Click on "Restricted Sites" and after that click on "Sites" button.
  4. Then add the website which you wish to Block and click the "ADD" button and then exit.  

Then the site is Blocked from accessing through the Internet Explorer.

Block a Website From Selected Users of Your  Computer:

If there are two or more users in your PC. You want to have access to all the websites across all the browsers but you want restrict other users from accessing certain websites. In this case follow the below procedure.....


  1. Open any Browser in your system and enter IP Address of your router in the address bar of the browser and press Go button . [usually this IP Address may be or or].
  2. Then enter Username and Password to enter into the Router configuration.
  3. Then go to section where we you can Block websites, Computers and access during certain times of the day. For most of the Routers the section is named as "Access Restrictions".
  4. Then there enter the details of the Website and users which you want to restrict.   

This way you can Block websites from certain users of your system. 

Some other Ways you can restrict:

  • We can Turn On Safe Search in Google by log in to your Google Account. So that Google search will show the results that does not contain the Explicit content. So that your children can enjoy clean browsing on Internet.
  • By Turning On the SAFE settings in YouTube, we can avoid display Explicit content videos from the search results. 
  • By using Third party Applications we can Block Websites from children accessing them. DNS Angel is one of them.


Always make sure that you had back up of your files before editing your "hosts" text file.

If you know any other methods to Block a website On system please comment below.



Many public places, colleges, schools and companies provide free internet service. But, some of them put restrict access to some websites like Facebook, YouTube etc., In those situations don't bother about the restrictions and how to open those blocked websites?. There are many ways to access blocked websites. Here are some of the ways to get access to the restricted and blocked websites.        


15 Ways to Access Blocked Websites:


You know that every website will have an IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Using the respective IP address of a website we can access that website.

To get IP address of a website, type "ping" in command prompt. Then it gives the IP address of the website.

Then type that IP address in address bar of the browser and press Enter button, this automatically opens the respective webpage. That's all. 


This is the easiest methods to access a blocked website. The only thing you must do is follow below steps..  

  1. Go to
  2. Do Google search for the page you want to find.
  3. Click the green arrow. i.e., for eg: market in above image.
  4. Click the CACHED.
Then the browser displays the cached website details, from there you can access the complete website.


If you are using college/office Wi-Fi network connection. you can access the blocked websites in your network through Google Mobile Search. Google Mobile Search acts as a proxy and retrieves the webpage by stripping all the CSS and JS from its own server. Therefore, your network blocking software won't be aware that you are accessing a blocked website. You can use this method to use the blocked from your School Wi-Fi network without interrupted.


Using Anonymous browser will unblock the blocked websites in your network. However, now a day this method have become very transparent to people. Therefore, some organizations have blocked the access to those anonymous browsers as well. If you are in luck, then this method could help you to access these websites.

For Eg: TOR browser.

To download TOR browser: CLICK HERE


At present Google and Bing is providing a translation service to convert webpage from one language to another language. To access this blocked site from the server just type the URL of blocked site which you want to access and convert into any other languages. Using this translation service you can convert webpage into another language and access its content.


Here is the first trick I told that if a website URL is blocked then you can access using the IP address but if IP address is also blocked means then you may use Decimal code. Decimal codes are nothing but conversion of IP address. But to get Decimal number you must and should know the IP address.   

For example if IP address of Google is, then you can use http://1249766560 which is a decimal format.



If access to many websites are denied then you can consider this method to unblock websites in college or anywhere. One of the obvious methods of website blocking in school is through restricting the DNS server from allowing certain websites. in this case, you can get help from third-party websites like"Google Public DNS" or "Open DNS".

Go to one of above sites, sign-up for free and change the DNS on your PC following their instructions provided there.


This is an alternative way of Google Mobile Search. Opera allows you to access all the websites as being proxy between your computer and websites thereby bypassing the blocked sites without any issues. However, the full version of the Opera Mini Simulator is a paid service but you can use the demo version of Opera Mini Simulator to bypass blocked websites at college or office.


Way back machine is an online service which is going to keep track of the copy of the websites from the time it is started. Using this website just enter and click on date that's it you can access that blocked website.


Email the web is a free service which sends directly to your mailbox. To get the webpage via Email then you need to register to the Email the web site and enter the website URL and enter email-address and you are completed.

To go to EmailTheWeb: CLICK HERE


Open VPN services are available on the internet. Some of them won't work sometimes but it's worth a try. They allow you switch your location and access the blocked websites. If it doesn't work for you the  preferred choice is to buy VPN service and gain access to blocked websites. Hidemyass provides cheap VPN's and charge very less for monthly usage.


HTTPS means HTTP with secure connection, in which data is sent by encrypting. Instead of using HTTP in URL use HTTPS and then access the website.   

For Eg: Try instead of and then access. This trick works in many cases.


Remote desktop connection allows us to use another computer via internet.

We can use our own laptop or PC to access the blocked websites. It may take a while but it is secure way. All you have to do is learn how to arrange a remote decktop connection.

14. USING HOLA EXTENSION:                                        

Hola is a browser extension which allows you to browse internet anonymously. Hola browser extension is available for all the browsers.


Evaryone knows that URL shortners are used to make the long URL to short URL. Here URL shortner site allows you to bypass the security settings. Some of the URL shortner sites are,, TinyURL and mooURL.

Thats all about how to access the blocked websites in colleges, schools, offices and companies. if you have  any queries please comment below. I will answer your queries as soon as possible. If you know any new tricks apart from above tricks, you are welcome to inform me below in comment box.